Sunday, January 15, 2006

Comik Art Exhibit - On Going at USLS

It's been a very rewarding experience for the artist to be able to share with the students the thing about comics.

There were forums for those classes who's willing to know more. (USLS Audio/ Visual Room)

More and more classes came to view...

...and to hear a few words straight from the artist.

With Nadine Jalandoni (on blue Tshirt) and friends. It's nice to have Bacolod beauties smiles around.

Derek Pegue Gallaga's daughter dropped by and bought 2 printed works. By the way do you know that "Exodus the Movie" Director Erik Matti is also from Bacolod?

More smiles...

... s m i l e s ...

Friday, January 06, 2006

Comik Art Exhibit - Openning at USLS

At 10:40 am Jan. 5, 2005 at the Museo Negrense De La Salle, University of Saint La Salle the ribbon was cut to officially open the 'Komiks Drowing ni Nonoy Alob at ni Edbon Sevilleno".

SR Painter Charlie Co was there to cut the ribbons and spoke something as mentor and friend.

A few words from the exhibitors...

... and the eager crowd rushed in.

Bacolod founding Father of AAB - Sir Budot Lizares was also there to grace the event. LCC Fine Arts students eagerly rushing to view the show.

Painters Rodney Martinez and Fred Yuzon old time friends and mentors of Edbon Sevilleno.

LCC College of Fine Arts Dean Antonio Tejado with Nonoy Alob.

USLS beauties.... hmmmmm.

Art Associstion of Bacolod Members were there!

LCC Fine Arts Professors / AAB members / Cartoonist Edgar Deonela & Roy Aguilar.

Jhun Pifianco was also around...

Beautiful Puertorican Adriana Jeminez says she's willing to pose for a portrait sketch, while Filipina beauty Roan Ordoyo Villar with son Miko asking for an authograph.

Edbon with old time friend Mario Lubrico - Palawan base Artist-in-Residence of Kamarikutan Galeri.

Artists Jecky Alano, Joe Geraldo, and Tristram ...

Nonoy meeting old buddies Joe Geraldo & friends.

USLS Students

The abs-cbn news team covered the event.

USLS Humanities Students

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Lasalle Bacolod Exhibit Set Up

Ang mga KOMIKS Drowing ni Nonoy Alob at ni Edbon Sevilleno will open on January 5, 10:30 am at the Museo Negrense De La Salle of the University of St. La Salle, Bacolod City. This pioneering exhibition on contemporary comic arts held in cooperation with Guhit Pinoy Saudi Arabia will run from January 5-17, with mini lectures upon scheduled requests. Around 60 works will be exhibited composed of a compilation of outputs from published Darnoon books, works under Guhit Pinoy on Philippine Comic Heroes, and selected Fantasy Art pieces.

What is the relevance of this seemingly childlike fascination that it actually gained entry to a cultural mindset that is the Museo Negrense De La Salle? One, comic arts is a strong contemporary form of visual expression held in high esteem in the world today, and two, the Filipino is an acknowledge world class talent in the field of comic arts. These, to the artists, is the core of hope that they bring back to our highly creative Negrenses who may think that there is no future to the visual craft aside from the rare occasional sale of a painting. Cartooning and illustrations are collaborative art forms that lean heavily on the input of an author and the social realities of the times it comment upon. There is a high level of truth as far as human nature is concerned and so therefore has legit claim as an art form.

Featured in Ang mga KOMIKS Drowing are two of Negrense’s pride, Edbon Sevilleno, an Associate Creative Director of AP7 Riyadh affiliated with McCann-Erickson Worldwide and Natalio “Nonoy” Alob, Jr., painter, sculptor and in-house illustrator of Darnoon Book Publishing, who both presently work with the royal Princess Maha Faisal in the production of a 10-book series on The Adventures of Saif Bin Dha Yazeen, an ancient Arabian folk hero during the pre-Islamic era.

The Artists…
EDBON MARAVILLA SEVILLENO, 42, was educated in La Consolacion College of Fine Arts and is formerly connected with Director Chito Roño’s Optifex for its Hanna Barbera animation projects in the 80’s. He was also the cartoonist of Borjok Comic Strip Series published within Masa magazine, sister paper of Malaya and was formerly illustrator of award-winning books for children under Phoenix Publishing. He has worked in Riyadh for 15 years and is married to Sveth Lana with two daughters Yara and Ezel, both studying at L’Ecole Kinder School.
NATALIO GELISANGA ALOB, JR., 36, is also an LCC Arfien product whose diverse creative talents were several times affirmed as 3-time PLDT Regional & Palaro Centennial Cover Design champion, as well as in national competitions like the Philip Morris Papier Mache category, Shell sculpture category, and Mud Pack competitions. He has proved to be a creative force to reckon with in any local creative competition, a talent that eventually landed him his present choice position in KSA. He is newly married to Graciela Villaluna.