Monday, September 24, 2007

The Philippine Ambassador to Saudi Arabia opens Guhit Pinoy Art Exhibit

Honorable Antonio Villamor, the Philippine ambassador to Saudi Arabia, will officially open the art exhibit of Guhit Pinoy Filipino Illustrators Society on September 26, Wednesday, 9:30 pm at Nojoud mall (located near Intercontinental Hotel) in Riyadh, KSA. The exhibit is a back-to-back showcase of talents among non-Saudi and Saudi artists.

The event, organized by Special Events (S.E.) Productions and FAR Limits, in cooperation with Nojoud mall management, is part of the establishment's celebration of the RAMADAN FESTIVAL 2007 which coincided with the Saudi National Day held on September 23.

"We are glad to open this kind of exhibition especially that it has become the talk of the town," said Nojoud Mall's General Manager Fahmi Emran. "People want to know since the idea is so nice. With the success of this activity, we are planning to organize more varied events quarterly.

Dr. Mohsin Al Hassan, media consultant for Nojoud Mall, added that they are very thankful to the Guhit Pinoy group for the support it has extended for this occasion.

The week-long event will also feature coloring and drawing contests sponsored by MAPED, STAEDTLER and AL YUSR Installment Company and to be participated in by students from invited international schools and institutions for the differently-abled children.

The Filipino artists featured in the exhibit are Natalio Alob, Rod Aquino, Mario Bactol, George Besinga, Ismael Esber, Ramero Firmeza, Nes Gelito, Mario Sta. Maria, Richard Mascunana, Willy Mendoza, George Pontino, Jr., Manny Pantaleon, Val Pabulos, Rico Rival, Edbon Sevilleno, Mel Versoza and Lito Ysip

These members of Guhit Pinoy are mostly from the comics industry, animation, book publishing and a few from advertising agencies.

The group has ever wanted to acknowledge the hospitality of their second home, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , particularly its royal families and its people. It also wishes to further strengthen the Philippines-KSA relationship altogether.

All of these have become realizations through this art exhibit. The artists individually conveyed its reverence to their adoptive fatherland by interpreting and showcasing its rich culture. Varying themes about Arabian traditions, history and way of life are depicted using different techniques and media.

NoJoud malls' Media Consultant Dr. Mohsin Al Hassan, General Manager Fahmi Emran with organizer Ran Basanta of S.E. Production.